*bees on trees*

Bee on a tree in downtown Portland, Oregon

Bee on a tree in downtown Portland, Oregon


Put bees on trees! Or poles! Fences! Doors! Gates! Hang bees in windows! Anywhere you can think of!


"But why should I put bees on things?"

Why? Because symbols equal power. And the bees are dying. We're not all equipped to start beekeeping, but we all can spread bee awareness in small but meaningful ways. Especially in urban areas, hanging bees throughout the landscape is a great reminder to those around you that we have a great responsibility to the natural world and we cannot ignore the interconnectedness between humans and nature.


"Okay, yes, I want to put bees on things! What do I do to get started?"

Right now I'm sending bees to anyone who wants them using a donation model of payment. Anyone who would like tiny bees to hang onto things, just email alley@practicalrabbit.com and I will send you some bees. If you'd like to donate towards postage, please Paypal me at the same address. You are not required to donate anything, and I will send bees to anyone no matter what, but if you do donate, rest assured that anything extra will go towards sending bees to others who did not donate.

Put bees on things! YAY!


COMING SOON: A complete "Put Bees on Things" travel kit. Stay tuned!