I started silkscreening over a decade ago. At that time, I had been taking pattern design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and halfway through my second semester I had suddenly become much more interested in what I saw coming out of the screenprinting department next door. After the semester was over, I dropped out of college, taught myself how to silkscreen, and I never once looked back. 

I started Practical Rabbit out of my apartment in East Flatbush, Brooklyn in the spring of 2005, moved across the country to Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 2007, and then relocated again to Portland in the spring of 2014. After selling at the Saturday Market in both Eugene and Portland for a decade, I then moved once again, this time across the ocean to Bretagne, which is in western France. 

I've learned a lot about color and graphic design over the past decade, but I still carefully print everything by hand just I did at the very beginning, often with screens that I built from scratch. Everything I currently sell was either printed in my former studio overlooking the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon, or in my current flat in the old city center of Rennes, France. 

Thank you for your interest and support-

Alley Valkyrie